White Label

Valcon Medical offers supply of white label products to customers who wish to sell and distribute medical cannabis oil under their own brand. As your supplier, we will support the product approval process in the given market and ensure that only the highest standards are met. Our promise is to deliver the highest quality of products while assuring consistent and scalable supply.

We are continuously developing our product portfolio. Our current offering consists of a high-THC full-spectrum cannabis oil. The product can be delivered as unlabeled bottles or as branded, labelled and packaged in an outer carton with a dosing syringe.    

Product Offering

Full-spectrum THC cannabis oil
  • Full-spectrum CO₂-extracted
  • 30 ml standardized oil solution
  • THC: 25 mg/ml; CBD: <2 mg/ml (2.6% THC (w/w), <0.2% CBD (w/w))
  • MCT carrier oil
  • EU GACP/GMP cannabis floss input, origin Denmark

Products are manufactured under EU-GMP and tested in accordance with the German Monograph for cannabis extracts, DAB Eingestellter Cannabisextract, and the European Pharmacopoeia, Ph. Eur. The product is composed of a soft extract from Cannabis Sativa L. ‘White Widow’ flower (floss) standardized with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil to 25 mg/mL THC and <2 mg/mL CBD. Input: EU GACP/GMP cannabis floss, origin Denmark. The extraction solvent is carbon dioxide.

Product Information

Product Name

To be determined by customer

Product ID


Product Description

Standardized full-spectrum cannabis oil

Product Monograph

DAB Eingestellter Cannabisextract

Product Form

Oral fluid


For oral use

Product Composition

THC: 25 mg/ml; CBD <1 mg/ml


MCT, CAS: 73398-61-5

Input Material

Cannabis Sativa L. (White Widow), Schroll Medical, Denmark


Carbon dioxide

Storage Conditions

2-8 °C or up to 25 °C

Shelf Life or Hold Life

Depending on storage conditions

Primary Packaging

Amber glass bottle 30 ml, type III; Screw cap PP/HD-PE/LD-PE


To be determined by customer

Secondary Packaging

1) Label with product information, expiry and batch number placed on the primary packaging. 2) Outer carton with printed product information, expiry, and batch number. 3) Dosing pipette placed in outer carton. 4) Preparation method information sheet placed in outer carton.

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