Valcon Medical

Valcon Medical is a European manufacturing organisation specialising in producing medical cannabis extracts. We offer a complete outsourcing solution covering every phase, from formulation and development to delivering a finished product.

Product consistency is the key to quality and compliance

At Valcon Medical we value consistency to our core, and it shows up in our day-to-day operating activities. Our manufacturing credo is to respect our patients and customers equally by assuring we deliver a high-quality product, consistently, without compromising product availability. Our core value and assurance is what enables us to become Europe’s most trusted medical cannabis contract manufacturer.

Valcon Medical is GMP certified and licensed under the Danish pilot-program to manufacture medical cannabis. From our manufacturing facilities in Denmark, we offer contract processing services, white label products, and bulk cannabis extract meticulously made to comply with the specific registrations of our partner's organizations.

Unlocking the Potential of Medical Cannabis

In the complex world of cannabis manufacturing, Valcon Medical was founded to deliver a higher level of expertise to Europe’s evolving medical cannabis industry.

We have spent the necessary time  and resources to prepare our facility, validating processes, and maximizing efficiencies to become Europe’s most trusted medical cannabis contract manufacturer.

Certified medical cannabis licenses

Valcon Medical is licensed to participate in the Danish Pilot Program for medicinal cannabis as manufacturer of cannabis bulk and cannabis primary oil products manufactured from extracts of Cannabis Sativa L. flos obtained by extraction with CO2 in the supercritical phase.

The licensing activities include manufacture of semi-solid herbal extracts and liquid standardised cannabis oils, primary and secondary packaging activities, storage and export.

Valcon Medical is the holder of the following licenses:

· Authorisation to manufacture cannabis bulk and cannabis primary products
Authorisation no. 103381

· Authorisation to manufacture cannabis intermediate products
Authorisation no. 102496

· Authorisation of activities with euphoriant substances
Authorisation no. 101574